The Menu of the Gatz Chateau

Excerpts from the Breakfast Section

Listed below are some of the finest breakfast selections of the restaurant.  As you can see, each of the names of the meals is based off of one of the characters from the novel The Great Gatsby, the theme of the restaurant.  Enjoy.

The Great Gatsby - French Crepes

These French Crepes are a great meal for just about anybody with the money to afford them.  In fact, this breakfast item is worth more than most of the breakfast selections combined.  The basic ingredients are produced here in the U.S., exported to Europe where they are made into crepes, and finally imported back into the country.  Once ordered, these crepes are cooked for a long time, slowly under a green light.  By the time they are ready to eat, they are absolutely a delicious golden brown.  The meal consists of two large crepes, making the meal perfect to share, possibly with a lost love with whom you have recently become reaquianted as the result of the help of a friend. - $25.00

The Nick Carraway - Side Order of Eggs

This selection is a typical, two egg combination cooked any way desired.  Though a very traditional breakfast food, the focus is not so much on this order specifically, but other meals on the menu that may accompany it.  Such choices include The Great Gatsby and the Daisy Buchanan.  This two egg special is now also available with The Jordan Baker, but for a limited time only.  Though once great with the Tom Buchanan, customers no longer approve of that option.  It is really up to you though how you would like to eat this special.  Who are you to make a judgement on how you want your eggs based on preference? - $2.50

The Jordan Baker - Assorted Muffin

This selection is always a treat and you will always have your head held up high upon finishing.  The perfect breakfast snack, this food can be enjoyed anywhere and is great for early morning golf outtings.  Though now available for a limited time only with The Nick Carraway, this food can also accompany most other breakfast meals and is seldom encountered on its own. - $1.00

The Tom Buchanan - Steak

This selection is both very expensive and conservative in regards to a breakfast meal.  The steak originating from the finest cows in the midwest, it can look very good once cooked.  Customers have often stated, however, that though it was once great, now it is not all that which it appears.  Most of the time this food can be somewhat lean and tough, as well as a bit awkward when ordered because of its associations with not only breakfast, but also lunch and dinner.  Best enjoyed uninterrupted, the restaurant recommends that you silence your phone while eating this meal. - $17.00

The Daisy Buchanan - Waffles and Ice Cream

This selection of waffles includes both two scoops of ice cream and a voluptuous strip of bacon.  Resembling a disembodied head, it has always been a breakfast favorite among customers.  Though such a great meal can sound like money, this combination is actually quite affordable.  In no way should only specific customers feel entitled to it because of their financial well being.  While this meal is delicious, however, it must be eaten quickly.  Under hot temperatures, this food can quickly become a disappointment. - $5.00


The purpose of this genre piece was to creatively represent the attributes of most of the main characters in the novel The Great Gatsby.  Each selection is named after a character from the book, along with a short paragraph that describes not only the breakfast food, but also the character after which the meal is named.  This is done through the use of a variety of references to the text.  For instance, the crepes are mentioned as being cooked under a "green light," relating to the significance of this form of light in the story.  The writing describing "The Nick Carraway" suggests that a customer should not judge different cooking styles of eggs, relating to the non-judgemental manner by which this character attempts to live.  Also, another example of such a reference is the fact that "The Daisy Buchanan" resembles a "disembodied head," making a connection to both a quote in the novel, as well as to its cover.  The work posted above is meant to depict each of such characters in interesting ways.

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Food as a Metaphor:

By: Pat Clare